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Uses of MusicShapeEditor in com.softsynth.jmsl.score.view

Subclasses of MusicShapeEditor in com.softsynth.jmsl.score.view
 class ScoreMusicShapeEditor
          Subclass of MusicShapeEditor that can pull in selected Notes from a Score and transcribe the MusicShape back out to the score

Uses of MusicShapeEditor in com.softsynth.jmsl.util

Methods in com.softsynth.jmsl.util with parameters of type MusicShapeEditor
 void ZoomMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          Zoom to selected range of elements from musicshape.
 void UnZoomMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          Zoom out to full range of elements from musicshape.
 void TransposeMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          transpose by v1
 void SortMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          sort selected range of MusicShape
 void ScrambleMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          Scramble elements within selected range of musicshape.
 void ScaleToTotalMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          Scale the selected range of MusicShape so that the total of the elements in this dimension equals v1
 void ScaleMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          scale by v2 / v3 or v3 / v2 depending on boolean flip value No scaling if denom==0
 void RetrogradeMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          reverse selected range of MusicShape
 void RemoveMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          Remove selected range of elements from musicshape.
 void RandomizeMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          randomize values within selected range of MusicShape, using the floor and ceiling values set by the user.
 void PasteMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          Paste from MusicShapeEditor's static copy buffer to current index of current MusicShape s.
 void MusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor editor, MusicShape s)
 void InvertMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          invert selected range of MusicShape
 void FitToRangeMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
 void CopyMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          copy selected range to MusicShapeEditor's static copy buffer

Uses of MusicShapeEditor in jmsltestsuite

Constructors in jmsltestsuite with parameters of type MusicShapeEditor
MusicShapeEditorFrame(MusicShapeEditor editorPanel, Composable composable)