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Uses of Namable in com.softsynth.jmsl

Subinterfaces of Namable in com.softsynth.jmsl
 interface Instrument
 interface SignalProcessingInstrument
          Interface for instrument whoch can accept abstract signal sources.

Classes in com.softsynth.jmsl that implement Namable
 class GenericNamable
          Used by ScoreFrame for example
 class InstrumentAdapter
          An Instrument sonifies double[] data in its play() method, either directly or by invoking its Interpreter.

Uses of Namable in com.softsynth.jmsl.jsyn

Classes in com.softsynth.jmsl.jsyn that implement Namable
 class Brass
          FM Brass JSyn Instrument
 class FreqSynthNoteInstrument
          A JMSL Instrument that plays a JSyn SynthNote.
 class JSynInsFromClassName
          Create a JSyn Instrument by passing in the classname of a SynthNote Has optional SynthContext field to pass to its allocator for making SynthCircuits under a specified context
 class RingMod
          Automatically generated source.
 class SimpleSamplePlayingInstrument
          A JMSL Instrument that plays SynthSamples, mapped to integer pitch values.
 class SimpleSamplePlayingInstrumentWithLoops
          This class is not used directly.
 class SuperNoiseSwoop
          Automatically generated source.
 class SynthNoteAllPortsInstrument
          Create an Instrument by passing in the classname of a SynthNote.
 class SynthNoteAllPortsInstrumentSP
          SignalProcessing Instrument.
 class SynthNoteInstrument
          A polyphonic Instrument that plays notes with a JSyn SynthNote.
 class TransposingSamplePlayingInstrument
          A JMSL Instrument that loads a sequence of monophonic SynthSamples.
 class TransposingSampleSustainingInstrument
          A JMSL Instrument that loads a sequence of monophonic SynthSamples.
 class TunedSynthNoteInstrument
          A JMSL Instrument that plays a JSyn SynthNote.
Only difference between this and superclass FreqSynthNoteInstrument is that dimension 1 of this is pitch, not frequency Optional constructor passes in a BussedVoiceAllocator to make this polyphonic.

Uses of Namable in com.softsynth.jmsl.max

Classes in com.softsynth.jmsl.max that implement Namable
 class MaxInstrument
          A MaxInstrument is a JMSL Instrument that can be used to send scheduled data to Max.

Uses of Namable in com.softsynth.jmsl.midi

Classes in com.softsynth.jmsl.midi that implement Namable
 class MidiInstrument
          An Instrument that outputs MIDI.

Uses of Namable in com.softsynth.jmsl.score

Classes in com.softsynth.jmsl.score that implement Namable
 class BinaryCopyBufferTransformCommand
 class DeleteCommand
          Undoable Delete.
 class NotePropertiesTransformCommand
          Before operating, load a hashtable of original notes as keys pointing to their clones.
 class ScoreCommand
 class UnaryCopyBufferTransformCommand

Uses of Namable in com.softsynth.jmsl.score.midi

Classes in com.softsynth.jmsl.score.midi that implement Namable
 class MidiScoreInstrument
          Midi Instrument which is compatible with amplitude 0..1.

Uses of Namable in com.softsynth.jmsl.score.util

Classes in com.softsynth.jmsl.score.util that implement Namable
 class QuietPlayLurkingInstrument
          Override notifyPlayLurker to do something useful, and put .class file in your jmsl_plugins folder for loading into JScore, or use directly in your own code.

Uses of Namable in com.softsynth.jmsl.util

Subinterfaces of Namable in com.softsynth.jmsl.util
 interface MusicShapeEditorOperator
          Interface to operate on the currently selected MusicShape in MusicShapeEditor.

Classes in com.softsynth.jmsl.util that implement Namable
 class CopyMusicShapeEditorOperator
          copy selected range to MusicShapeEditor's static copy buffer
 class FitToRangeMusicShapeEditorOperator
          Compress or expand each element in selected range so that it fits within floor and ceiling thresholds set by user in MusicShapeEditor
 class InvertMusicShapeEditorOperator
          Invert a range of a MusicShape about the inversion level set by user.
 class PasteMusicShapeEditorOperator
          Paste to current MusicShapes location the contents of the 0th element in MusicShapeEditor's static copy buffer.
 class RandomizeMusicShapeEditorOperator
          Randomize values of selected elements within the min/max ranges set by user in MusicShapeEditor
 class RemoveMusicShapeEditorOperator
          Remove selected range from a MusicShape in MusicShapeEditor
 class RetrogradeMusicShapeEditorOperator
          Reverse a range of a MusicShape
 class ScaleMusicShapeEditorOperator
          transpose and scale selected range of MusicShape by (v2 / v3) or (v3 / v2)
 class ScaleToTotalMusicShapeEditorOperator
          Sum the total of selected range.
 class ScrambleMusicShapeEditorOperator
          Scramble selected range of a MusicShape in MusicShapeEditor
 class SortMusicShapeEditorOperator
          Sort in ascending order a selected range of a MusicShape.
 class TransposeMusicShapeEditorOperator
          Transpose selected range of MusicShape by v1
 class UnZoomMusicShapeEditorOperator
          Zoom out to entire range of elements in MusicShape
 class ZoomMusicShapeEditorOperator
          Zoom in to selected range on MusicShape

Uses of Namable in com.softsynth.jmsl.view

Methods in com.softsynth.jmsl.view with parameters of type Namable
 void PatchEditorPanel.addFrom(Namable obj, int fromIndex)
          add a object/index pair to the list of signal sources
 void PatchEditorPanel.addTo(Namable obj, int toIndex)
          add a object/index pair to the list of signal processors

Uses of Namable in jmslexamples.jsyn

Classes in jmslexamples.jsyn that implement Namable
 class PlayLurkingJSynInstrument
          This behaves just like a SynthNoteAllPortsInstrument playing a com.softsynth.jsyn.circuits.FilteredSawtoothBL, adding the PlayLurker interface so that it can be notified of elements being played by other objects.

Uses of Namable in jmsltestsuite

Classes in jmsltestsuite that implement Namable
 class SimpleSamplePlayingInstrumentWithAmplitudeMap
          This subclass of SimpleSamplePlayingInstrument overrides getAlternativeSampleIndex() to map note 60 to three different samples based on amplitude.
 class TransposingSamplePlayingInstrumentWithAmplitudeMap
          This subclass of TransposingSamplePlayingInstrument overrides getAlternativeSampleIndex() to map note 60 to three different samples based on amplitude.
 class TransposingSampleSustainingInstrumentWithAmplitudeMap
          This subclass of TransposingSampleSustainingInstrument overrides getAlternativeSampleIndex() to map note 60 to three different samples based on amplitude.

Uses of Namable in jmsltutorial

Classes in jmsltutorial that implement Namable
 class AppletColorInstrument
          A simple Interpreter subclass that interprets data as rgb color, interprets element[0] as duration
 class CelloSampleIns
          A subclass of TransposingSamplePlayingInstrument which maps pitches to sound files, and transposes to fill in unmapped gaps, Does a simple loop to sustain the sample over time.
 class CelloSampleSustainingIns
          A subclass of TransposingSampleSustainingInstrument which maps pitches to sound files, and transposes to fill in unmapped gaps, This class does a better job of sustaining than TransposingSamplePlayingInstrument, as it uses two sample players to manage the loop, and crossfades between them Copy and rename this example, change the buildFromAttributes() method.
 class SineInstrument
          This Instrument owns a simple JSyn SineCircuit, and plays it with pitch and amplitude
 class SuperBrass
          Automatically generated source.
 class SuperRingModBell
          Automatically generated source.
 class SupoveVox
          A subclass of SimpleSamplePlayingInstrument which maps pitches to sound files.