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Uses of MusicShape in com.softsynth.jmsl

Methods in com.softsynth.jmsl that return MusicShape
static MusicShape MusicShape.readBinaryHMSLShape( in)
          Read a binary file into a new Shape.
 MusicShape MusicShape.translate(DimensionNameSpace destinationNameSpace)
          Create a new MusicShape populated with this MusicShape's data, after translating from this MusicShape's DimensionNameSpace to another

Methods in com.softsynth.jmsl with parameters of type MusicShape
 void MusicShape.copyDataFrom(MusicShape source)
          Exact duplicate of double[] elements from source MusicShape to this MusicShape.

Uses of MusicShape in com.softsynth.jmsl.midi

Subclasses of MusicShape in com.softsynth.jmsl.midi
 class MidiNoteRecorder
          MusicShape that logs Midi noteon's to a 3 dimensional MusicShape (timestamp, note, vel)
NoteOff's are logged at noteOn's with vel 0 See MidiParser

Uses of MusicShape in com.softsynth.jmsl.score.transcribe

Methods in com.softsynth.jmsl.score.transcribe that return MusicShape
 MusicShape MeasureExtractor.getExtractedMusicShape()
 MusicShape MeasureBeatDivisions.getMeasure()
static MusicShape SearchPathNoteMaker.getMissingElements()

Methods in com.softsynth.jmsl.score.transcribe with parameters of type MusicShape
 void TranscriberListener.notifyCarriedOverMusicShape(Score score, int currentMeasureNumber, MusicShape musicShape)
          Notify listener of note events that will spill over into the next measure, ie notes that are found within the current time window but will round up to beat 1 of the following measure.
 void SearchPathNoteMaker.setMeasure(MusicShape measure)
 void MeasureBeatDivisions.setMeasure(MusicShape measure)
          set the MusicShape representing events within this measure
 void BeatDivisionList.setMeasure(MusicShape s)
 void BeatDivision.setMeasure(MusicShape s)
 void Transcriber.setSourceMusicShape(MusicShape source)
          Precondition of source musicshape: dimension 0 contains timestamps sorted in ascending order.
 void MeasureExtractor.setSourceShape(MusicShape s)
          This is the MusicShape from which one measure's worth of elements are extracted

Uses of MusicShape in com.softsynth.jmsl.score.view

Methods in com.softsynth.jmsl.score.view that return MusicShape
 MusicShape ScoreMusicShapeEditor.addMusicShapeFromSelection(boolean warnIfEmpty)

Uses of MusicShape in com.softsynth.jmsl.util

Methods in com.softsynth.jmsl.util that return MusicShape
 MusicShape Polynomial.getTerms()

Methods in com.softsynth.jmsl.util with parameters of type MusicShape
static int HarmonicComplexity.calcHCM(MusicShape chord)
          Returns the harmonic complexity of a chord.
static int HarmonicComplexity.calcHCR(MusicShape chord)
          Returns how wide an intervallic range the chord spans, in octaves.
 void ZoomMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          Zoom to selected range of elements from musicshape.
 void UnZoomMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          Zoom out to full range of elements from musicshape.
 void TransposeMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          transpose by v1
 void SortMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          sort selected range of MusicShape
 void ScrambleMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          Scramble elements within selected range of musicshape.
 void ScaleToTotalMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          Scale the selected range of MusicShape so that the total of the elements in this dimension equals v1
 void ScaleMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          scale by v2 / v3 or v3 / v2 depending on boolean flip value No scaling if denom==0
 void RetrogradeMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          reverse selected range of MusicShape
 void RemoveMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          Remove selected range of elements from musicshape.
 void RandomizeMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          randomize values within selected range of MusicShape, using the floor and ceiling values set by the user.
 void PasteMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          Paste from MusicShapeEditor's static copy buffer to current index of current MusicShape s.
 void MusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor editor, MusicShape s)
 void InvertMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          invert selected range of MusicShape
 void FitToRangeMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
 void CopyMusicShapeEditorOperator.operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          copy selected range to MusicShapeEditor's static copy buffer

Uses of MusicShape in com.softsynth.jmsl.view

Methods in com.softsynth.jmsl.view that return MusicShape
static MusicShape MusicShapeEditor.fromBuffer(int n)
 MusicShape MusicShapeEditor.getMusicShape()

Methods in com.softsynth.jmsl.view with parameters of type MusicShape
 void MusicShapeEditor.addMusicShape(MusicShape s)
          Add a MusicShape to the MusicShape Editor's list of MusicShapes
static void MusicShapeEditor.toBuffer(MusicShape s)
          adds a copy of MusicShape to static buffer
static void MusicShapeEditor.toBuffer(MusicShape s, int n)
          puts copy of MusicShape into nth position of buffer vector.

Uses of MusicShape in jmslexamples.jsyn

Methods in jmslexamples.jsyn that return MusicShape
 MusicShape FullFeaturedSynthNoteSupport.generateRandomMusicShape(SynthNoteAllPortsInstrument ins)
          Generate a MusicShape with random data chosen between low and high limits of upper dimensions
 MusicShape FrequencyDataTranslatorDemo.getMusicShape()

Uses of MusicShape in jmsltestsuite

Methods in jmsltestsuite that return MusicShape
 MusicShape MultipleScoresDemo1.captureMusicShape()
          simulates grabbing a MusicShape live

Methods in jmsltestsuite with parameters of type MusicShape
 void TranscribeScore8.notifyCarriedOverMusicShape(Score score, int currentMeasureNumber, MusicShape musicShape)
          Notify listener of note events that will spill over into the next measure, ie notes that are found within the current time window but will round up to beat 1 of the following measure.
 Score MultipleScoresDemo1.transcribe(MusicShape s)
          Transcribe a MusicShape and return a new Score

Uses of MusicShape in jmsltutorial

Subclasses of MusicShape in jmsltutorial
 class SabbathBrideMusicShape
          Microtonally reasonably close transcription of Jody Diamond singing "Sabbath Bride"

Methods in jmsltutorial with parameters of type MusicShape
 void TranscribeToot06.notifyCarriedOverMusicShape(Score score, int currentMeasureNumber, MusicShape musicShape)
          TranscriberListener interface