Interface DimensionComparison

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public interface DimensionComparison

Used to write your own MusicShape sorting method.
Each element in a MusicShape is an array of double.

For example the double array {1.0, 65.0, 120.0} might be one element of a three dimensional MusicShape. This element could representing midi note 65 played with velocity 120 for a duration of 1.0 seconds. A MusicShape might have a few or hundreds of such elements.

This interface defines a class that can be used to sort the elements of a MusicShape. MusicShape has a sort method with this signature:

    // Sort elements start through end along dimension dim 
    // using a class that implements DimensionComparison
    public void sort(int start,
                  int end,
                  int dim,
                  DimensionComparison cf)

Nick Didkovskyand Phil Burk

Method Summary
 int compare(double[] e1, double[] e2, int dim)
          Custom comparison method.

Method Detail


int compare(double[] e1,
            double[] e2,
            int dim)
Custom comparison method.

-1 if (e1 lt e2), 0 if (e1 eq e2), 1 if (e1 gt e2)