JMSL Tutorial: JScore
Building your own JScore instrument, part 1

JMSL Score can use any well designed JMSL instrument to play notes.  The first four dimensions passed to the Instrument must conform to the standard duration, pitch, amplitude, hold interpretation. Earlier versions of JMSL made a distinction between JSyn and MIDI Instruments, and JSyn and MIDI Orchestras.  As of v103, this distinction is no longer made, and these classes have disappeared. JMSL Score can use general Instruments that follow the pricniples of good instrument design:
  For more on the above, see the Instrument tutorial

When JMSL Score creates or loads an Orchestra of Instruments, a mixer panel opens which allows for the mix and panning of instruments present in the orchestra, as the image below shows.

JMSL's JsynOrchestra mixer, inactive, this is only a picture

When you save a JMSL Score, its instruments, orchestra, and mix are saved with the file.
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