Purchase a JMSL License

Purchasing a JMSL License will:

After your order is processed, you will receive a license file as an email attachment from sales@algomusic.com. Double click the JMSL_License_installer.jar located in your JMSL distribution directory to install the license.

Note that a Registered JMSL License does not include the right to redistribute JMSL components for commercial, or non-commercial, purposes. Contact sales@algomusic.com for information on commercial licensing.

Purchase a JMSL License

    for use by currently registered students only
     US $55.00
    for all others
    US $120.00
    Academic Site License
    First year purchase
    US $500.00
    Academic Site License renewal
    US $200.00
    LiveScore license
    For users of MaxScore for Max by Cycling '74 and/or LiveScore for Ableton Live.

    IMPORTANT: This license limits JMSL in a number of ways and should not be used by Java or mxj (Max Java) developers. Requires Max/MSP, Ableton Live, and Max For Live
    Visit www.computermusicnotation.com to find out more.
    US $50.00