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Packages that use MIDIFileListener

Uses of MIDIFileListener in com.softsynth.jmsl.util

Classes in com.softsynth.jmsl.util that implement MIDIFileListener
 class MIDIFileToMusicShape
          MIDIFileToMusicShape Parse a MidiFile and build a ParallelCollection of MusicShape
If the MidiFile is Type 1 (which includes Track chunks), one MusicShape will be created for each track.

Uses of MIDIFileListener in com.softsynth.midifile

Classes in com.softsynth.midifile that implement MIDIFileListener
 class MIDIFileImage
          Contains an image of a MIDIFile.
 class MIDIFilePrinter
          MIDI File Printer This class is called by the MIDI File Input Stream when it parses MIDI Files.

Methods in com.softsynth.midifile with parameters of type MIDIFileListener
 void MIDIFileInputStream.addMIDIFileListener(MIDIFileListener listener)
          Request that information from the parser be passed to this listener.
 void MIDIFileInputStream.removeMIDIFileListener(MIDIFileListener listener)