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Packages that use PVScrollbarListener

Uses of PVScrollbarListener in com.didkovsky.portview

Methods in com.didkovsky.portview with parameters of type PVScrollbarListener
 void PVScrollbar.addPVScrollbarListener(PVScrollbarListener listener)
 void PVScrollbar.removePVScrollbarListener(PVScrollbarListener listener)

Uses of PVScrollbarListener in com.softsynth.jmsl.score

Classes in com.softsynth.jmsl.score that implement PVScrollbarListener
 class ScoreControlPanel
Control zoom and measure #
JMSL Notation Project

Uses of PVScrollbarListener in com.softsynth.jmsl.score.util

Classes in com.softsynth.jmsl.score.util that implement PVScrollbarListener
 class ScoreRenderDelayFrame
          Set render delay > 0 if inserting a note by hand sometime fails to redraw.

Uses of PVScrollbarListener in com.softsynth.jmsl.score.view

Classes in com.softsynth.jmsl.score.view that implement PVScrollbarListener
 class JustifierBaseControlFrame

Uses of PVScrollbarListener in com.softsynth.jmsl.view

Classes in com.softsynth.jmsl.view that implement PVScrollbarListener
 class DimValueEditPanel
          Panel containing a label for Dimension name and index, scrollbar, textField for value, and edit checkbox
 class JMSLClockAdvanceFrame
          A Frame with a scrollbar to let user set JMSL.clock.advance
 class PanAmpPanel

Uses of PVScrollbarListener in jmslexamples

Classes in jmslexamples that implement PVScrollbarListener
 class TestPortViewScrollbar
          The com.didkovsky.portview scrollbar can be either awt or Swing compatible depending on the ViewFactory

Uses of PVScrollbarListener in jmslexamples.jsyn

Classes in jmslexamples.jsyn that implement PVScrollbarListener
 class Speedy
          Control the playback speed of a ParallelCollection of MusicJobs that play JSyn Instruments using timeStretch

Also shows how to manage data as frequencies and use com.softsynth.jmsl.util.FrequencyToPitchTranslator to convert to pitch right before handing double[] to Instrument which expect pitch